anti static PVC tile

Anti static PVC tile is a conductive mesh structure in PVC floor. PVC is not conductive in the mesh. This is the soft rib and defect of tile.

In order to make up for this defect, the inventor or original designer of anti static PVC tile specially designed the anti-static floor wax, that is, after laying anti static PVC tile, put anti-static floor wax, so that the whole floor gets a uniform anti-static function. However, after this technology was introduced to China, it gradually changed its appearance. Many users did not play anti-static floor wax in order to save costs, because the test results were ok. This is actually not true, and sometimes the test results have their limitations. This is the root cause of anti static PVC tile that must be coated with antistatic floor wax.

The anti-static floor is originally a coating, and its anti-static effect will be damaged by time and friction. Anti-static floor wax generally has an anti-static effect for 30 days, which can enhance the anti-static effect of anti-static floor, and the surface resistance can reach at least 1 megohm.

The antistatic floor wax coating can improve or maintain the static electricity consumption function of the anti static PVC tile. Antistatic floor wax can form a protective wax film on the surface of the anti-static floor. The daily generated ground dirt is isolated on the wax film and will not pollute the floor. In this way, we can significantly extend the service life of expensive anti-static floors and protect our investment.

At the same time, the anti-static floor wax can effectively improve the gloss of the anti static PVC tile, beautify the environment, and improve the anti-slip performance of the anti-static floor.

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