Conductive PVC Floor

Conductive PVC floor is a permanent conductive body with PVC resin as the main body. It is also homogenous and transparent. The material from the bottom to the surface is the same. If the surface is burnt or scratched, Broken, you can use a sander to grind and re-wax as new. Static electricity in the computer room can slow down the computer until it fails, causing errors in the computer’s operation and causing breakdown and destruction of some computer devices.

Advantages of Conductive PVC Floor

1. There are many types of anti-static flooring: tile anti-static floor, conductive PVC floor, steel anti-static floor. The anti-static floor tile is made of anti-static ceramic tile and is surrounded by conductive rubber strip. It has anti-static, environmental protection, high temperature resistance, long life, waterproof, decorative and other excellent functions, but the tile anti-static The weight of the floor is heavier, the cost is higher, and the disadvantage of inconvenient installation is less used in our lives.

2. The anti-static floor of steel in anti-static floor is made of very wear-resistant hpl fireproof board and pvc as the surface layer. The steel shell is used as the structural base material, and the edges are edgeless and edged. The price of steel anti-static floor is low, the construction is convenient, and there will be no gap after installation. However, the steel anti-static floor has a short life span, and the surface is not wear-resistant. The use range is much smaller than that of the conductive PVC floor.

3. Anti-static floor will use adhesive in the process of installation, and adhesive is one of the main components of formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is regarded as an invisible killer in our lives and is extremely harmful to our health. This makes us pay special attention to the purchase. If you smell a pungent smell, we should never buy it. When buying, we must buy products that have passed the national environmental protection test. conductive PVC floor has relatively good environmental performance.

4. Conductive PVC floor in the installation process we should pay attention to: keep the ground sanitation, do a good protection against shielding, to ensure that the ground is level, the ground fixed line power supply is complete, the floor installation should be stable and firm, the edge of the floor should be maintained Straight line, the gap between the two anti-static floors is not easy to be too large and other precautions. Thereby ensuring the use of conductive PVC floor.

Conductive PVC floor is lighter in weight, more convenient to install, and the cost is relatively cheaper than tile anti-static floor and steel anti-static floor. It has been loved and sought after by consumers in our lives.

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